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Automotive Fuel & Fluid Systems

Driven by quality, Shelby Welded Tube builds more fuel filler tubes than any other manufacturer. Fluid and fuel filler tubes require both corrosion resistance and extreme fabrication. Our tube outperforms the rest in your applications.

#1 Major Fuel Filler Tube Supplier

Shelby Welded Tube is the number-one fuel filler tube manufacturer in the world. These tubes are ZNNI coated and severely formed during fabrication. Our quality control and material consistency has resulted in very low PPMs and is the driving force behind why we are the preferred supplier globally. We also supply vent tubes, dipstick and fluid tubes for other applications as well. All of our tubes are capable of severe fabrication and is a lightweight, cost-effective solution while still retaining a highly durable product.

Fuel Filler & Vent Tubes

Lightweight, speciality, coated & highly formable

Wiper Systems

Hot dip galvanized steel for strength & corrosion resistance

Oil & Fluid Dipstick Tubes

Lightweight, cost effective

Oil Pump Tubes

High-tensile strength, lightweight design for low PPMs