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Coated Steel Tube

Galvanized Steel Tube

Galvanized Conveyor Roller

Galvanized steel tube is continuously coated on both sides of the sheet with a zinc coating. This provides a tight metallurgical bond between the steel and coating. The zinc coating protects the base steel by becoming a barrier to corrosive elements, which makes galvanized steel popular in the automotive, appliance, HVAC and construction industries.

On top of conventional galvanized steel (sometimes referred to as hot dip galvanized), Shelby Welded Tube builds a variety of specialized tubing products that each provide unique benefits for your application: galvalume, galvalume and electrogalvanized.

Galvalume Steel Tube

Galvalume steel tube combines the barrier corrosion protection of aluminum with the galvanic protection of zinc. This coating is perfect for applications that need long-term resistance to atmospheric corrosion, such as automotive fuel and fluid systems, and automotive exterior and off-road vehicles.

Galvannealed Steel Tube

Galvannealed steel tube is continuously coated on both sides with a zinc-iron alloy. A variation of galvanized steels, galvannealed steel tube uses induction heating to alloy the zinc coating with the steel in order to create a zinc-iron coating. This gives the tubing the strength of steel while having the additional protection of the coating. It’s common in automotive, HVAC and general manufacturing.

Electrogalvanized Steel Tube

Electrogalvanized steel tube is useful in applications that demand superior surface quality, corrosion resistance and paintability. This coating delivers both galvanic and barrier protection against corrosion. Electrogalvanized steel tube is popular for auto body and appliances.


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Why Choose Middletown Tube?

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More Than Steel

More than steel makes a Middletown tube. Our tubes exceed ATSM and industry standards by as much as 200%. Through destructive testing, we try each tube for weaknesses and strengths. Our XIRIS post-weld inspection uses laser-camera triangulation to measure weld geometry and contour irregularities.

It’s more than steel that makes a tube less likely to fail, split or break. A tube that follows lean manufacturing techniques and reaches a level of implausible lightweighting, allowing you to save resources and create better products. People with over 20+ years of experience make a Middletown tube, keep our 27 mills running to the tune of a 4-week turnaround and on-time delivery.

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Our Steel

Not just any steel becomes a Middletown steel tube. To find the most consistent and reliable steel, we trialed steel from mills both domestic and international. Time and again, AK Steel met our exact standards. Coil to coil, AK Steel adheres to the strictest chemistry and thickness control.

It’s pure American steel, the highest-rated; which is why 85% of our steel is AK Steel. To provide you superior service, we’ve located our mill next door to AK Steel.

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Onsite Metallurgical Lab

Heat and pressure may form Middletown Tube, but it’s research and innovation that mature it. Our onsite metallurgical lab tirelessly works towards higher standards of craft and precision with special attention to your specific requirements.

Our lab also troubleshoots customer and competitor tubing. To determine failure causes, we run an array of tests: Coating, metal composition, chemistries, hardness, gauge and more. With diagnosis in hand, we then provide the right tubing solution.

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Lock Down Steel Pricing

A steel coil warehouse is a rare, money-saving asset for customers. To help insulate you from fluctuations in steel prices, Middletown Tube offers the option of price lock. A large volume purchaser, Middletown Tube fills our dedicated warehouse with coils for contract customers.

Customers may lock in their steel rate for an entire year without worry of an increase in price. Middletown Tube carries the cost and stores the steel.

No Tube Should Be One-Size-Fits-All

Whatever the specification, Middletown Tube can match your exact need.

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